Hey there! Welcome to my website.. Let’s first answer the first question that’s on your mind ‘Why WordPress, just why? You always hated it right ?’. Yes I hate it, and I still do. But the thing is, I’m tired of programming HTML and CSS, or any other web related languages, since they’re just way to simple, and more than boring… Now let’s introduce myself.

Capable of Full Stack Development.

I’m capable of writing the front and back end of an application, for the front end I’m capable of using React, Angular, Vue (A long time ago) and just the plain old HTML, CSS & JavaScript. For the back-end I’m capable of using PHP, NodeJS and much more… I can even write my own HTTP server, if you’d ask ;). When it comes to databases, I’m experienced with MySQL, Cassandra, Redis and MongoDB.

Capable of implementing RFC’s.

I’m capable of implementing RFC standards in multiple languages, with Java and C++ as my personal preference. Until now, I’ve implemented, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, FTP and HTTP.

Capable of writing software for embedded systems.

I’m capable of writing drivers for devices, even without any operating system. To prove my skills, I’ve implemented the IP/UDP stack, and to be specific: Ethernet, IP, ICMP, UDP, BOOTP & DHCP.